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With little formal regulation and a new generation of users, the way consumers are engaged and treated may ultimately determine the fate of the BNPL industry. It’s time to live up to the expectations of future generations or end up with a tarnished reputation like previous payment options. It’s time to Be the Exception.
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Join the other top BNPL leaders using PerformLine to monitor their merchant partners, including:


Global Regulations

Based on where you are in the world, government regulations specific to BNPL companies vary. Check out our interactive map to see what the current regulations are in your part of the world.

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Top 6 Monitored and Remediated Marketing Terms for BNPL Lenders

This study contains the top six monitored and remediated terms that BNPL companies use in order to ensure merchant partners are adhering to marketing and compliance requirements on published marketing content across the web.

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Web Monitoring for BNPL Lenders

Web monitoring, through PerformLine's omni-channel compliance platform, empowers BNPL Lenders with automated monitoring of their merchant partners across the web and discovery of non-compliant messaging on unknown sites.

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Monitor Your Merchant  Partners Today

Monitor your brand’s terms and guidelines as they’re presented across all merchant partner marketing channels to ensure consumers are aware and agree to the terms presented.


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