How Haven Life Monitors 250+ Partners and Affiliates for Marketing Compliance Using PerformLine


reduction of manual compliance review

less remediations

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Haven Life

About the Client

Haven Life is a life insurance agency that provides term life insurance, disability insurance, and annuities. They are backed by MassMutual.

PerformLine Solutions 

Business Challenge

Haven Life works with over 250 partners and affiliates who market their products and services on their behalf. Through a manual review process, Haven Life continued to find inconsistent information regarding their services across partner and affiliate websites.

As part of their effort to protect consumers and ensure compliance, Haven Life needed a comprehensive solution to automatically monitor the web to ensure that they’re being referenced and branded correctly, that necessary disclosures are present, and that the appropriate requirements are listed for each type of insurance they provide.

PerformLine Solutions

  • Web Monitoring to automatically monitor and discover their brand for compliance across the web
  • Pro Services Manual Review & Remediation to take the heavy lifting of review and remediation of flagged observations

The Results

Saves Time and Resources

PerformLine discovers, monitors, and reviews all web content from Haven Life’s affiliates and partners against their brand and compliance rulebooks. According to Haven Life, “PerformLine has acted as an extension of the Haven Life team,” reducing manual compliance reviews by 70%.

Concise and Efficient Review & Remediation

PerformLine’s Pro Services allows Haven Life to be removed from the tedious day-to-day remediation process for each observation and has drastically reduced the number of remediations they need to complete by half.

Customized to Fit Their Needs

Haven Life was able to customize the Pro Services solutions to fit its unique business needs. Haven Life handles remediation with their highest priority partners, and the Pro Services experts handle review and remediation for the other, 85% of Haven Life’s affiliate partnerships—drastically reducing the amount of work involved to maintain compliance standards.

Proactive Consumer Protection

With PerformLine, Haven Life is now able to better proactively protect consumers and ensure that their marketing is compliant, accurate, and non-deceptive.



“PerformLine helps us monitor all of our affiliates and partners to ensure that they’re consistently following our brand guidelines and regulatory standards. They take the heavy lifting off our back, allowing us to prioritize our business to focus on the things that are most urgent. They’re a critical part of our mission to protect consumers and to make sure our brand is marketed transparently and compliantly.”

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