Credit Card Issuer Uses PerformLine To Market Their Cards Compliantly Across Channels and Gain A Competitive Advantage

more credit cards offered

100% coverage
across the web, emails, and social

8x increase
in web presence

About the Client

A multinational financial services company that offers personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, and investment management services.

Business Challenge

This global financial services company was launching their first credit cards in the U.S. As a newcomer in the market, they were throwing themselves into the ring of a notoriously competitive and highly saturated industry.

With only a few credit cards, a small web presence, and no additional lines of business in the U.S., they needed a competitive advantage to market their cards compliantly and to make business decisions quickly.

PerformLine Solutions

Web Monitoring to monitor all of their credit card offers as they’re promoted across the web to potential customers.

Once the client grew enough to expand into other customer acquisition tactics, they increased their coverage with Email Monitoring and Social Media Monitoring to monitor these channels for regulatory and brand compliance.

The Results

Expanded Business

With the help of PerformLine, this company’s marketing became so efficient that they were able to more than triple the number of credit cards they offered and were able to expand into multiple new lines of business—all while having the confidence that their brand is being represented accurately and in compliance with regulations.

Complete Coverage + Increased Web Presence

Using PerformLine, this client’s compliance team is armed with the ability to monitor all of their credit cards across all of the marketing channels they’re using. Their results continue to improve over time and their risk threshold continues to decrease. Because of this, the client was able to turn compliance into a revenue driver by spending less time monitoring their marketing content and more time on growing and expanding their business.

This client is now one of the largest in their field with a web presence that is 8x the size it was when they first onboarded with PerformLine.

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