Using PerformLine To Monitor 1,500 Loan Officers’ Social Media Posts for Compliance While Saving Time and Resources

4,500+ posts
discovered and monitored

180 hours saved
in remediation

About the Client

A national nonbank mortgage lender offering home mortgage, refinance, and home equity loan products.

Business Challenge

This lender has nearly 1,500 loan officers across the country and only a small team to monitor them all for regulatory and brand compliance. This lender’s compliance team was struggling to maintain full oversight of all of their retail loan officers.

Their previous process was manual, time-consuming, and not scalable. They needed an automated solution to continuously monitor, review, and score thousands of social pages on a consistent basis for regulatory and brand compliance.

PerformLine Solutions

Social Media Monitoring for daily monitoring and review of loan officers’ social media profiles and posts.

Pro Services team of expert QA analysts to review every flagged observation and deliver curated and actionable alerts into workflow based on the parameters set by the client.

Industry Rulebooks to monitor social posts against all applicable federal, state, and local regulations and guidelines, such as RESPA and TILA.

The Results

Increased Coverage

With PerformLine, this lender was able to monitor and score over 4,500 individual social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube—a volume that the compliance team could not accomplish with manual review.

Quality QA Review

Previously, the compliance team would spend time manually reviewing each social post and remediating any issues they found. With PerformLine, the Pro Services team led the review of the flagged social posts and only escalated 1% of them to the lender’s compliance team for review and remediation, freeing up their time significantly.

Saved Time and Resources

With the help of PerformLine, the lender’s compliance team was able to save 180 hours a month on remediation, allowing them to focus on their most pressing priorities.

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