Online Loan Marketplace Uses PerformLine To Strengthen Brand and Customer Experience

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About the Client

An online lending marketplace that allows potential borrowers to connect with multiple loan operators to find optimal terms for loans, credit cards, deposit accounts, insurance, and more.

PerformLine Solutions 

Business Challenge

Since its inception, this organization has facilitated more than 65 million loan requests. As they grew, this company discovered that, on top of their owned and operated sites, their brand was also being promoted on countless partner websites and feared that the content associated with their brand wasn’t always accurate or compliant.

This company knew that its brand was being promoted on more sites than its compliance team could possibly keep up with. They needed a solution that could discover and monitor all of these sites to uncover potentially non-compliant content. They also needed to be able to efficiently remediate any misleading information found to mitigate their regulatory risk to ensure a strong brand and customer experience.

PerformLine Solution

Web Monitoring to automatically monitor all known merchant and partner webpages and discover unknown pages where their brand was being promoted across the web.

The Results

Complete Coverage and Visibility

Using PerformLine, thousands of previously unsurfaced websites were discovered and all potential violations were flagged for remediation. This oversight allowed the client complete visibility into their brand presence on 10,000+ web pages (10x more than found previously), including their internal marketing pages, to ensure those were also meeting regulatory and brand requirements.

Improved Partnerships

Providing complete visibility into their online marketing efforts has allowed this client to form better relationships with their compliant partners and remove those that weren’t.

Strengthened Brand and Customer Experience

Comprehensive coverage of their brand across the web, coupled with improved relationships with partners, has created a better customer experience and ensures that consumers are receiving the best possible loan experience.


“As we all know, compliance never sleeps…so PerformLine helps us detect and remediate in real-time.” 

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