Social Media Compliance Checklist
for Loan Officer Training and Oversight

Social Media Compliance Checklist
for Loan Officer Training and Oversight

Mortgage companies know that ensuring compliance with regulations across all loan officers’ social media accounts can be a difficult and daunting task. The best way to get out ahead of regulatory risk is to build a robust compliance program that includes strong loan officer training and oversight processes.

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Use this checklist to help shape your organization’s compliance program—from loan officer onboarding, training, and education to compliance monitoring, remediation, and technology—to ensure your loan officers are compliant in all of their marketing communications.


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Loan Officer Onboarding

Provide documentation and ensure loan officers have a clear understanding of:

Training and Education

Regularly review and update the company's social media policy and compliance training to stay current with changes in regulations and emerging risks by:

Conduct regular internal compliance training programs for loan officers, which includes:

Enforcement and Remediation

Have a clear action plan for instances of non-compliance by a loan officer. This may include:

Monitoring + Auditing

Have a system in place to monitor:


Implement a social media compliance software or tool to help monitor loan officer's social media activity and ensure compliance with regulations that includes:

The #1 Social Media Compliance Monitoring Platform for Mortgage Companies

Is social media the bane of your existence? We get it.

PerformLine's omni-channel compliance monitoring technology automates...

  • Marketing compliance review and approval process of loan officers' content
  • Ongoing monitoring of loan officers' social accounts across multiple platforms including TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Discovery of unknown or unapproved loan officer vanity URLs make loan officer oversight streamlined, efficient, and painless.