The Ultimate UDAAP Marketing Compliance Checklist for Consumer Finance Companies

The Ultimate UDAAP Marketing Compliance Checklist for Consumer Finance Companies

For consumer finance organizations, failure to comply with UDAAP regulations can result in enforcement actions, costly penalties, and significant reputational damage. 

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Use this checklist to shape your organization’s UDAAP marketing compliance program—from policies and procedures, risk assessments, training and education, compliance monitoring, remediation, and technology—to ensure UDAAP compliance across your organization, and third parties and partners. 

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Policies and Procedures

First, examine existing policies and procedures to identify potential gaps in UDAAP compliance. Develop and implement policies and procedures to address potential UDAAP compliance gaps. 

These may include:

Risk Assessments

Organizations should conduct risk assessments on a regular basis to proactively identify and mitigate business risks, and to prioritize resources and budget.

Training and Education

Regularly review and update the company's UDAAP policies and compliance training to stay current with changes in regulations and emerging risks by:

Conduct regular internal UDAAP compliance training programs for employees, which should include:

Enforcement + Remediation

Have a clear action plan for instances of non-compliance by an employee, partner, affiliate, or third party. This may include:

Monitoring + Auditing

A system in place to monitor for UDAAP compliance across the multiple marketing channels and platforms that individuals may be using, including (but not limited to):


Implement a social media compliance software or tool to help monitor loan officer's social media activity and ensure compliance with regulations that includes:

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