100+ Year Old Bank + PerformLine

100+ Year Old Bank + PerformLine

How this bank uses PerformLine to reduce document review time by 90%


About the Client

This 100-year old, nationally-chartered bank is known for offering comprehensive banking services to individuals and businesses. It specializes in innovative digital banking solutions while maintaining a strong network of branches for personalized customer support. The bank emphasizes community engagement and building lasting relationships with clients to foster financial well-being.

“Our company has to remain compliant across a wide range of financial services, all of which present their own challenges. PerformLine allows us be proactive about compliance with our fintech partners, without the heavy lift of analyzing each piece of marketing individually.”

Business Challenges

Operating in many different spaces means that this bank needs a comprehensive compliance solution that is both automated and adaptable, whether marketing documents are created by an internal team or by partners. With dozens of assets created each month, spending multiple days in review for each one was inefficient and untenable. In addition, manually monitoring web content meant that it would take longer to uncover issues, let alone remediate them.

PerformLine Solutions

  • Document Review to automatically review all outgoing content from the bank's internal team and external partners to ensure that those documents adhere with regulatory requirements and brand guidelines.

  • Web Monitoring to automate the monitoring of existing content and to discover mentions of their brand by partners for compliance across the web.

  • Business Intelligence to allow the bank to identify their most (and least) compliant partners to make proactive, data-driven decisions about which marketing efforts are most effective.

Results at a Glance

reduction in document review time
web pages monitored daily for compliance
of documents automatically scored and reviewed

The Results

A Streamlined Document Review Process

Before PerformLine, reviewing marketing documents was a manual, tedious process. Now, the same document that used to take multiple days of review and conversation can be reviewed, scored, and sent back to the partner as approved or with noted issues almost immediately, thanks to the bank's implementation of PerformLine’s Document Review.

A Fully Compliant Web Presence

Whether it’s communication from the bank itself or one of its partners, the organization can feel confident that they're finding and fixing unknown compliance risk. Using PerformLine allows the bank to automatically and constantly monitor over 800 different web pages every day and get notified of where they need to remediate potential issues.

A Trusted Voice in the Community

This bank has gone to great lengths to establish itself as a pillar of the financial community. Ensuring that all of its marketing materials are accurate, compliant, and non-deceptive is just one of the ways the organization rewards the high level of trust its community has placed in it. PerformLine helps guarantee that reputation-harming compliance issues don’t pop up.

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