National Mortgage Lender + PerformLine

National Mortgage Lender + PerformLine

How a national mortgage lender increased partner compliance monitoring by 570%


About the Client

This client is one of America's largest mortgage lenders who revolutionized the industry with the online mortgage experience. Through innovative technology, this lender makes the complicated home finance process simpler.

Business Challenges

As one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, this company works with a large number of marketing partners to promote its product offerings. Their compliance team faced significant challenges in ensuring that their partners' content met both strict regulatory standards and their own high expectations for brand representation. 

Their current compliance process was manual,  time-consuming, and error-prone and didn’t provide the comprehensive oversight and reporting they needed.

With hundreds of partners and countless web pages to oversee, this client needed a solution to help them ensure complete oversight of their marketing partners, mitigate compliance risk, and protect their brand.

PerformLine Solution

  • Kraken Discovery to discover previously unknown places where their content is distributed and promoted across the web
  • Web Monitoring to automatically find, monitor, and review partner web pages daily for regulatory and brand compliance

Results at a Glance

web pages monitored daily
increase in coverage
rules and guidelines covered

“Using PerformLine helps us to ensure that we’re compliant, that the space wherever our name is being used is being done properly, and overall we just feel comfortable and confident knowing that we’re doing everything that we can to maintain compliance with our web space and our partners.”

The Results

Increased Oversight and Efficiency

Since implementing PerformLine, this client has dramatically increased their oversight and efficiency. 

Previously, the compliance team could only monitor 891 web pages against 72 rules and brand guidelines within a quarter. Now, with PerformLine, this capacity expanded to over 6,000 web pages for more than 1,000 rules and guidelines daily—a remarkable 570% boost in coverage.

Prompt Identification and Remediation of Compliance Issues

This client is now able to automatically review each marketing partner site daily, ensuring that they align with approved regulatory and brand guidelines.

Initially, this client discovered that 40% of their partner web pages failed to meet the guidelines. But, thanks to PerformLine, these issues were swiftly identified and addressed, ensuring compliance and maintaining the integrity of their brand.

Strengthened Consumer Trust and Satisfaction

This proactive approach to compliance has not only enhanced the client’s operational efficiency but also strengthened its commitment to upholding trust and reliability among its clients and partners.

By partnering with PerformLine, the client has continued to lead with innovation and a deep-seated dedication to customer satisfaction.

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