Upstart + PerformLine

Upstart + PerformLine

How Upstart Uses PerformLine’s Call Monitoring to Identify and Remediate High-Risk Calls


About the Client

Upstart is a leading AI lending marketplace partnering with banks and credit unions to expand access to affordable credit.

“Our goal is to target high-risk calls, and PerformLine has allowed us to do this in an efficient manner by using Speech AI and speaker separation. We’re now able to easily determine what statements are made by a customer/agent. It also allows us to easily report on trends to our Operations leaders to ensure feedback is provided to our agents, ultimately improving the customer experience.”

- Brittany Love, Senior Quality Assurance Associate

Business Challenges

At the start of the pandemic, Upstart created a new program that allowed for deferred payments for a period of time in order to help borrowers navigate new challenges presented during COVID-19.

It was critical to Upstart that their agents communicated the terms of this program accurately to protect their consumers and ensure that they understood the terms correctly.

Upstart needed technology to monitor and review these calls and to flag any instances of agents not following the provided communication so that they could remediate those issues quickly.

PerformLine Solution

  • Call Monitoring to automate the review of each call minute using sophisticated speech analytics and to identify and remediate high-risk calls.

Results At a Glance

web coverage
web assets monitored
call minutes monitored

The Results

Targeted Review and Remediation

PerformLine allows Upstart to monitor, flag, and remediate trends of agents not following the provided communication script. With PerformLine’s automated monitoring capabilities and agent performance management tools, Upstart has been able to review more than one million minutes of calls call minute to ensure accurate language and agent performance.

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

With AI-driven speech analytics, PerformLine has allowed Upstart to monitor and remediate potential issues in an efficient manner using tools like speaker separation to quickly determine which statements are made by a customer vs. an agent.

Robust Reporting + Improved Customer Experience

PerformLine allows Upstart to easily report trends to their Operations leaders to ensure feedback is provided to their agents, ultimately improving the customer experience.

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