This Partner Bank Uses PerformLine to Monitor 30,000+ Calls to Identify Complaints

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About the Client

A nationally recognized mid-sized bank.

PerformLine Solutions 

Business Challenge

This leading mid-sized bank works with multiple partners that each have their own call centers. Collectively, these partners send an average of 30,000 calls to the bank per month for review.

The bank’s customer experience team of two was tasked with reviewing as many calls as possible, manually identifying calls with consumer complaints, cross-checking calls with complaint reports from partners, and reviewing the content of each individual complaint—all of which was very time-consuming and overwhelming for a small team.

This bank needed a scalable solution to automate the review of all call minutes being submitted from their partners without hiring additional headcount.

PerformLine Solutions

Call Monitoring to automatically monitor the customer experience and identify complaints among thousands of calls from partner call centers.

Industry Rulebooks are used to monitor for terms and customer speech patterns that are indicative of a complaint and flags those specific parts of the call for review.

The Results

100% Coverage

By leveraging PerformLine’s technology, this two-person Customer Experience team is now able to see the full risk picture of their partners with automated monitoring and review of 100% of calls—over 200,000 minutes of calls per month.

Quickly Identify Risk

With automated review, the bank found that just 1% of monthly calls were complaints. Within this 1%, they were able to quickly identify the calls that their partners failed to identify in their reports—a task that would have taken countless hours with manual review.

Streamlined Process

Now, this small Customer Experience team only needs to review the relevant segments of each call that need their attention (which are flagged to the second by PerformLine). They’ve streamlined their complaint review process and are easily able to see which partners are providing great customer experiences.

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