10 Steps for Proactive Marketing Compliance

Don't wait for compliance issues to escalate before taking action.

In today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape, a reactive approach to marketing compliance is no longer effective for mitigating risk. 

Taking a proactive approach to marketing compliance is crucial to protecting consumers, safeguarding your brand, and avoiding costly enforcement actions.

Here are 10 steps can take toward proactive marketing compliance.


Stay Informed on Regulatory News and Updates

Staying up-to-date on regulatory news and updates ensures that the organization is aware of changes in compliance requirements, emerging trends, and expectations from regulators, thus allowing it to adjust its practices accordingly to remain compliant.

Conduct Regular Risk Assessments

Conduct regular risk assessments to identify and get out ahead of emerging trends posing compliance risks to your business.

Craft a Robust Due Diligence Process

Implementing a robust due diligence process safeguards the organization by thoroughly assessing potential vendors, partners, or third parties for compliance risks before entering an agreement, thus preventing compliance issues before they arise.

Regularly Update Compliance Policies and Procedures

As regulations, guidelines, and risk areas change, policies and procedures should be regularly updated to address these changes and ensure compliance proactively.

Create a Corrective Action Plan

Create and document a plan of action in case of a potential compliance issue so that the team knows what action needs to be taken and that issues can be addressed and resolved quickly. This can be documented in the compliance policies and procedures.

Conduct Ongoing Staff Training and Education

Continuous staff training and education ensures that employees are well-informed about compliance requirements, including regulatory changes and policy and procedure updates, and can prevent violations through informed decision-making.

Leverage Automated Compliance Monitoring Technology

Automated compliance monitoring technology enhances a proactive approach by continuously searching for identifying potential compliance issues in real time, allowing for quick remediation before they turn into bigger issues.

Automate Content Compliance Review and Approvals

Automating content compliance reviews and approvals streamlines the process, ensuring content meets compliance standards before publication.

 Use Compliance Data for Decisionmaking

Utilize compliance data to make informed and strategic decisions about products, internal departments, or partners to mitigate the risk of potential future issues.

Benchmark Against Your Peers

Benchmark against peers and analyze compliance trends to proactively identify and address compliance gaps by learning from others' experiences. Use resources like the CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database or PerformLine’s Benchmarking tool.

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Don't wait for compliance issues to escalate before taking action.

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