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The New Era of Banking Efficiencies


 Alex Baydin_2023 M2020 
Alex Baydin

CEO & Founder

 Harsha Raghunath_2023 M2020 
Harsha Raghunath

Head of Product Compliance

 Babette Reynolds_2023 M2020
Babette Reynolds

Head of Enterprise Compliance Program Office

With regulators honing in on consumer protection issues... the same time the marketing and partnership ecosystem is becoming increasingly complex it can seem impossible for banks and fintechs to manage the deluge of compliance concerns, let alone be efficient at it.

Watch this session from the Money 20/20 conference as industry experts share their playbooks on how they mastered compliance to create a safe system.

Key discussion topics include:

  • How banks and fintechs are developing lower-risk relationships
  • The use of automation for comprehensive oversight
  • Ways to enable compliant partnerships while reducing resource fatigue.

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About PerformLine

PerformLine powers efficient compliance oversight by making it seamless for organizations to automatically review, discover and monitor communications across all customer marketing channels.
With PerformLine, your team can get rid of multiple point solutions and manage an omni-channel marketing compliance program with one platform.
One Platform. One Process. One Truth. Total Efficiency.


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