Strengthening Bank-Fintech
Partnerships with Compliance

Strengthening Bank-Fintech
Partnerships with Compliance


2023 was a year of increased regulatory scrutiny for bank-fintech partnerships. This, coupled with a challenging macroeconomic environment and an election year, means there’s a lot on the horizon for the compliance space for the industry in 2024. 

Watch on demand as we discuss:

  • Expectations for bank-fintech partnerships and regulatory oversight in 2024 
  • How banks can establish and maintain compliance over their fintech program after a challenging year of budget cuts and being asked to do more with less
  • Best practices for fintechs to better prepare themselves for a cohesive and compliant partnership with banks 
  • “Focus on the consumer”—how banks can ensure accurate communication to consumers when that communication comes from fintechs and their partners 

Meet Your Speakers

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Elizabeth Gorz
Chief Strategy Officer &
Head of Legislative Affairs
American Fintech Council

Elizabeth Gorz, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Legislative Affairs. Gorz brings more than a decade of government, legislative and fintech experience from the private and public sectors including nearly 10 years in various roles in Michigan State Government including two years as a Senior Policy Advisor to former Governor Rick Snyder and most recently as Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs at Pathward (formerly MetaBank), a leading innovative BaaS bank.

In her role as the Vice President and Head of Public Policy at Pathward, she was responsible for developing and executing public policy strategies to support and enable the company to execute its long-term strategic goals, in addition to advocating for the bank’s fintech partners.

 Gorz also has extensive experience advocating for a diverse list of organizations and industries for a Michigan-based multi-client state lobbying firm. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the James Madison College at Michigan State University and a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State College of Law.

Ed Greene

Ed Greene, Esq., CRCM
Seasoned Legal, Risk and Compliance Professional 
Actively Seeking Next Opportunity in Fintech/Banking

Ed is a 30-year seasoned, results-focused fintech legal, compliance, and risk management professional. He has built from the ground up, compliance management systems for fintech bank partnerships at various fintechs including Scratch Financial and recently at Citris Financial.

Prior his fintech work, Ed has demonstrated leadership and expertise in consumer compliance by directing banking compliance at a credit union, a small bank for numerous years at Citizens Bank. He has lead several compliance audits and been the point of contact for numerous state and federal examinations. Previous to his compliance career, Ed had a long career in specialty insurance for banks, including owning and successfully selling his own insurance brokerage company.


Ed holds a Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager (CRCM) designation, an Associate in Risk Management (ARM), a LL.M. in Banking & Financial Law, and is Massachusetts Bar licensed.

John Zanzarella

John Zanzarella
SVP of Sales

John Zanzarella is the SVP of Sales at PerformLine. John’s career spans sales, marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship.

John’s current focus is helping scale the sales organization during a period of tremendous growth. Under his responsibilities are new business, strategic account growth, strategic planning, and forecasting.

Prior to PerformLine, John was a partner in a Digital Marketing Agency where he worked with some of the world’s largest brands.

John has also been a featured speaker at many events including COMPLY, the Westchester Digital Summit, Catalyst Week, LeadGeneration World, and more.